Add energy and inspiration to your thinking

  • Like to realign your team behind new goals?
  • Have a complex problem which needs solving – fast?
  • Need effective ways to brainstorm and get creative?
  • Want to better understand your customer needs?

Introducing nandin’s new Design Programs aimed at adding creativity, energy, and inspiration to the way you think and work.

Several workshops are available including:

  1. Design Sprint: Creativity & Innovation: For individuals or teams to learn about design and innovation
  2. Design Sprint: From Problem to Solution: For teams to work on a specific project or problem through a design sprint.
  3. Team Compass: Finding True North: Explore your team’s “why”, “how”, and “what”, to set your “true north” direction.



If you need a bespoke workshop to suit your business needs, the nandin team can design a custom program for you.

For more information and costings, please contact us