Amentum provides Web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to scientific models that are essential to industries such as space operations, mineral exploration, and defence.


Bioair specialises in advanced air treatment products and systems. We offer a wide range of solutions to optimise indoor air quality for industrial, hospital, commercial and residential applications.

COOL Engineering

Working to meet the challenge of removing CO2 from industrial processes and the atmosphere, to return the balance to our planet. The company’s COOL plants convert the CO2 emissions they remove into valuable products which can be used in numerous commercial applications.


Crypses are a cyber security consultancy specialising in developing encyrption based technology to help detect would-be attackers.


The Coder meets the Coach. This HR consultancy services makes systems and IT work for people – not the other way around.


Enware offer quality and specialist plumbing fixtures and personal safety equipment manufacturer for both industrial and residential applications.


eVisuals use AI to help firefighters find people faster during an emergency by tracking building occupants. This technology can reduce response times, improve communications and increase safety during building emergencies.

Gecko works

Gecko Works provide professional engineering services in aeronautical design and innovation for aviation and defence. The company is currently developing an advanced helicopter rotor technology for greater speed, efficiency and control


Hyron offers specialist respiratory assessments with fully trained lung function scientists.

MAS Management Systems

MAS helps labs achieve or maintain accreditation and certification to ISO standards and NATA requirements. We’ll solve your compliance and system dilemmas to make your business work better and smarter!


Miriad manufactures a portable low voltage mid-IR Spectrometer to measure chemicals. What sets this product apart is the speed of the measurement and the unit’s portability.


Ouranos is collaborating with ANSTO to develop nuclear power systems for space exploration. Potential applications range from radioisotope heater units for near-term lunar missions, to reactors for a future Mars base.

Pyrotech Energy

Contributing to a more sustainable society by providing renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. Pyrotech Energy has commercialised the eco-fining process for the conversion of biomass into 24/7 renewable energy bio-fuels and bio-chemicals.

Roam Technologies

Commercialising holistic, impactful technology to help patients with acute breathing conditions manage their oxygen delivery requirements. Roam Technologies is developing a new device called Juno, a smaller, lighter and significantly more advanced type of regulated oxygen concentrator.


SensaWeb simplify radiation monitoring and reporting. Through automating the reporting, alerts and tracking of radiation data, organisations can greatly decrease their risk and administrative burden. Setting this solution apart is an extremely easy-to-use interface designed to make it simple for all to use, monitor and manage remotely, reducing potential exposure. By making the invisible visible, organisations, and the surrounding community, have the assurance that their working environments are kept safe.


SVSR offer the design, fabrication and if required installation of sewer vents. Currently involved in a R&D project with UNSW using reusable functionalised Graphene Oxide (GO) membrane to capture wastewater vapours from ageing sewerage systems to reduce odour.

workm8 provides a tracking & safety software platform for improved workflows for people and assets. The platform accepts varied data inputs and can be two-way.